As entrepreneurs, we need to be confident and clear. We are often called to make important decisions even amid the unknown.

Most days you will be tested with that level of confidence…. and your success factor will be determined by how much grit you exude and your ability to persevere.

“A business owner who is not producing, shipping, promoting and launching their work is spinning their wheels… and most likely unhappy, broke or unfulfilled” Susie-romans

As I sit here reflecting on my journey, I absolutely believe that you need to be producing, launching and communicating, but what I have also come to learn is if you are not clear with what your zone of genius is, no matter how much you believe in your services and products you are going to feel like you are swimming upstream.

You will constantly be second guessing your messaging, and you will have this unexplained pull that there is more to what you should be doing. You won’t be clear with what to post on social media, and it gets to a point where it just feels so hard.

This happened to me. For two years I had written, launched, rewritten and launched again a program I had so much invested in, and when it came to launching the program again for the third time, I was suddenly left with this emotional void inside me. I was tired. The program after being rewritten for the third time was “Amazing” but I didn’t have the fuel inside me to launch it again. In that moment, I stopped everything. My pre-launch video series, which I had just created, my Facebook ads and all my launch planning was put on hold.

I was devastated as I felt I had failed myself, but I knew there was something missing. Now, I was also doing pro-bono coaching with a client that needed help with taking his existing face-to-face business online. He was looking for ways to scale his business, as well as wanting to get that much-needed clarity with what his business vision looked like. I felt a sense of ease whenever I worked with this client. I looked forward to our sessions and felt I had so much to offer.

What became so clear to me, was that I loved helping entrepreneurs and change makers inject their own individuality + heart into creating a distinctive vision for how they want to show up in their business and present themselves online, so they can feel confident, and in alignment with who they are. Within one week I had made an about turn and started re-aligning myself with this new messaging. I felt as if it was about being the creative quirky me!  I now I feel I have that much-needed clarity to know when to stop and when to push through.

What is so exciting is that finding your inner true voice also translates with how you show up with how you dress and present yourself in your business and your life, as well as with your home and the office environment you spend most of your time in.

If you think about, is your messaging in alignment with how you live your life?

One of my favourite people I love to follow on Instagram, is Landyn at “Living with Landyn”. This girl lives, and breathes style in a way that is so relatable. Her vision for herself, her home and how she shows up in her business, is so in alignment with who she is. The reason behind why I couldn’t go ahead with my launch, was that I was not connecting to my messaging and to me and my story.

I have a heap of qualifications and experience that has seen me working for ten years as a fashion designer, another twenty as an interior designer, and years within my own business. But what makes me qualified to do what I am doing is my own story. The years I was afraid to be me, and the years I have taken to find my truth, and putting myself out there. It has been through action that I have got this clarity. This has not been an overnight change into something new. This has been about recognising all the years I have spent to get myself to this point. We often search for new meaning and ideas to change the world, but what is often right under our noses, is what we struggle to recognise first.

If you feel any of this has resonated, I would love to encourage you to stop hiding that amazing potential, and set aside some time where you can work on you and how you show up in your business.

Let’s uncover your story together and create that awesome vision that will give you some clarity to be brave in front of others and be a pioneer.

My absolute passion is the on-line world and coaching. With all I have learnt in DIY’ing everything to take my business on-line and now as a qualified “Beautiful You coach, I am excited to help those of you who are spinning your wheels in frustration.

Ready to stand out and get noticed so your fears never stop you again?

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I’m a dedicated planner that loves systems that allow for great organization and functionality, a designer with a passion for helping people heal and develop through creative expression and a coach that allows my clients an opportunity to bring “into the light” parts of themselves that others have yet to see (parts of themselves they have yet to acknowledge).

When you work with me you are granted permission to look inward at your core desired emotions, lift the veil off your personal values and goals, and dig deep to gain clarity on the life you truly want – and the lifestyle you want to live.

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