Become an Empowered, Stylish and Confident women

With the Gorgeous Home, Beautiful Wardrobe and Lifestyle?


Hi Savvy Stylers,

I’m Julia, I’m a Creative Lifestyle Coach for women who want to create a beautiful and stylish life.

I work with my clients to help them bring all of themselves and what they love into their home and wardrobe so they can show up every day with style, confidence and grace.


Perhaps something has recently shifted within you and your soul has opened-up and is looking for answers…for more of something…

Do you feel you are playing down all your big and beautiful ambitions, and ultimately…burying your identity?

Are you settling for less and feel you have been waiting for too long to take action because you have been stuck in self-doubt?

Have you tried methods, taken courses, done everything “right” but still not manifested your dream home, or your dream lifestyle?

My journey with Design and Style started over 20+ years ago, when I started my Fashion Design Career, this later evolved with me working and teaching within the Interior design industry.

When I found the world of design I loved that it allowed me to feed my thirst for creativity and self-expression, as I had grown up with the belief that feeling beautiful or surrounding myself with pretty, elegant “things” was overly self-indulgent.  And feeling beautiful or confident was reserved for the truly arrogant.

My school years (when we typically feel pressure to conform and be normal) taught me to play down all my big and beautiful ambitions, live in fear of criticism, and ultimately…bury my identity.  I even made a scary sacrifice and changed my name from Julia to Julie…because Julie seemed more common (again, normal).

Back then, my life goals were never lofty and were always within reach.  Unfortunately, this pattern stayed with me into my early adult years.

I created designs that appealed to the masses, not designs that were individually focused and had heart and soul to them.

The…years of trying to “fit in” had left me in a heap of confusion with who I was, what my dreams and goals were…and how I wanted to live…my life

I spent many years designing perfect homes and then one day I had an epiphany…my perfect home was already within me.  I carried it with me at all times.  I simply needed to get ultra-clear with who I was, what I wanted and what my version of a beautiful life was…and then give myself permission to honour those desires and goals.

The golden nugget I picked up on my journey is the knowledge that…just as you spend time designing your physical spaces…you should also spend time designing your life (honoring your emotions, and mapping out your desires and goals).

I eventually took time out for myself and immersed myself into self-development, all whilst still feeding my passion in design with further studies.

With all this new confidence, I wanted more for myself…and the first step was changing my name back to Julia…I wanted to reclaim and honour myself.

I have now found my place as a Creative who is passionate about supporting women with surrounding themselves with the beautiful home, the stylish wardrobe the nurturing lifestyle, all whilst honoring their emotions and spirit.

What was missing in my journey was the importance with learning how to uncover the best version of myself, understand who I was and learn to truly own my unique vision of the life I wanted.

It’s my goal for my clients to feel truly rich…to know what it’s like to not only obtain tangible wealth (money and the luxuries that go along it), but also emotional wealth (happiness, fulfilment, confidence and power).

You can, and should, define your unique desires and, together, we can draw a map to get you there.

I dig deep with my clients to get to the heart of what’s working, and what’s not, in your lives.  Consider it a holistic approach to getting clear, and really dialling into, your mission.

Utilizing intuition and empathy helps me gain a deep understanding of others ideas, thoughts and feelings, get in sync with each person’s unique ambitions and….ultimately, provides insight into the type of support, systems, experiences, and nurturing each individual needs in order to thrive.

I invite women home to themselves, teach them to nurture their core desires and uncover their authentic life and style.

I’m a dedicated planner that loves systems that allow for great organization and functionality, a designer with a passion for helping people heal and develop through creative expression and a coach that allows my clients an opportunity to bring “into the light” parts of themselves that others have yet to see (parts of themselves they have yet to acknowledge).

When you work with me you are granted permission to look inward at your core desired emotions, lift the veil off your personal values and goals, and dig deep to gain clarity on the life you truly want – and the lifestyle you want to live.

I offer tools for owning your own beauty, dreams and personal growth, help you evaluate elements you need to feed your best and most balanced life, and teach you to implement simple structures and systems for eliminating blocks that are preventing you from feeling whole and fulfilled.

You can design the life of your dreams and acquire that luxurious, fulfilled and empowered lifestyle you know you have always wanted.

As individuals, we all have our own set of unique core desires, thoughts and feelings that need to be nurtured in order to uncover our authentic lives.

Feeling beautiful and worthy of surrounding yourself with luxury is not self indulgent…it is self honoring.

Having confidence and feeling empowered is not a form of arrogance…it is self love.

You can own your own dreams!

You just need to recognise and honour them…

and be supported with personalised systems and structure that will keep you on the path to achieving them.

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