You have to show up with more energy and passion!

Or the alternative is… Hand over your freedom to work for someone else!

Those were the words I had to repeat to myself as I crawled out of the rut I’d found myself in!

I kicked off my career as a Head Designer in the fashion and styling world, first clothes, then homes.

I was drawn to transforming my own home and loved the process of making my own home beautiful. This passion for styling had me seeking out homes that had potential, and completely transforming them. Because the house was not a home until the interior had been transformed as well – and I feel the same about everything else I create.

So I launched my business as an interior designer, designing both residential and commercial interiors for the next 10 years. That is, before my family moved from South Africa to Australia.

In a new country, with no formal qualifications, being excluded from selection processes, and with a family to contribute to, I had to take the low income jobs on offer to me.

My confidence was at an all-time low, but I knew something had to change. So I studied like crazy, completed numerous qualifications in design, style and colour AND went on to win the Australasian interior design student award. (I don’t do things by halves…) Just as I thought things were going well, the 2008 financial crisis hit, design industries began to cut back, and I was faced with rejection again and again. After working a few jobs that were leaving me empty – on energy, on creativity, on fulfilment – I moved back into property styling.

Creatively it was working, I was making money, business was good and I was ready to scale. And if I wanted to have the location independent business I’d dreamed of, I knew I had to take it online. So, that’s exactly what I did. Using my expertise from the interior design industry, I began writing my first e-course. I jumped straight into creating it, immersing myself in the creative process, and investing lots of time, money and effort into making it look amazing, to differentiate myself. Rightly or wrongly my love of design took over and it had to be perfect. But after a couple of successful launches, I began to feel disconnected with my message.

And what happens when you’re out of alignment with your message?

You struggle to know what to talk about. Social media posts become really hard to create. Getting out and selling feels like a chore you avoid. When you do share content, you hear nothing. And it slowly sucks at your soul until you feel like giving up altogether.

You want to stop feeling as though you’re constantly swimming upstream, always competing for business and struggling to make sales.

But when you don’t have any clients or money coming in, how can you feel confident to invest in yourself and make even more changes?

I get it!

I know what it’s like to feel completely torn: knowing your business can succeed, but feeling out of your depth, stuck, frustrated and unable to move forward anywhere fast.

So you have to show up with more energy and passion, or the alternative is… Hand over your freedom to work for someone else!

Here’s the thing: I’d been pushing, striving and forcing a business that I didn’t feel aligned with anymore. No wonder I wasn’t making any money.

It was time to get real. Pushing and launching with a lack of clarity is never going to work.

You have to uncover what’s holding you back from being seen.

You have to align your business with your essence and who you are.

You have to get clear on your message and live it inside and out.

After all…

  • When you feel stuck with how to move forward, you get distracted with all the wrong things.
  • When you forget why you’re doing what you’re doing, you make decisions out of fear.
  • When you’re disconnected from your vision, you don’t show up in the way you know you’re capable of.
  • And you know that fear of failure that’s holding you back? You have to let it go.

Because the alternative is way too painful.

The realisation that changed everything for me: was getting BACK to finding alignment and the essence of who I was, allowing me to find my brand voice and a visual identity that I could be proud of.

People don’t buy things from you because of your pretty logo, they buy your products and services because of YOU.

YOU are your brand?

So the quicker you figure out what you stand for and the emotions you want to depict in your brand, the better.

A stronger brand, fine tuned copy, getting really in touch with MY message and what sets me apart – that was the kicker. I got clear on my values, so I could set stronger boundaries, make quick and deliberate decisions, and create the balance of work and play I was craving.

And the result? Within just 2 weeks I was working with 4 amazing women who re-affirm my love for my work every single day.

And not only that, I felt the ease, excitement and confidence I craved. With this clarity, my motivation returned, I was less anxious and even sleeping better too. I had more money, more freedom, more clients, more time.

All of THIS, from getting in-tune and aligned. Inside, and out.

My clients are now experiencing all of this too. They are experiencing:

Clarity and are more motivated than ever before to step up and out and bring their services to the world than as they feel more aligned and on purpose, Their energy and excitement increase as they are more inspired with the clarity they have with their values. This in turn creates a shift in their energetic vibration and they are being received in a more authentic and positive way by their ideal clients. Shifts in their mindset as they re-define their niche and who they really want to work and how they can communicate with their ideal client with their crystal-clear messaging.

“There are soul justified reasons to cancel. There are times to just stop. This isn’t one of them. Keep going.” – Danielle LaPorte

This isn’t just a business, this is your LIFE. Your calling. And you have to keep going. Because on the other side: lies the freedom you crave. Every six figure, multi six figure, seven figure entrepreneurs you see online – they’ve been where you are now and they had the same decision to make.

Show up, or give up.

So, what’s it to be?

I know with all my heart and experience that the powerful blend of deep mindset work with a creative visual identity will give you a stand out brand and take your business to the next level.

And from that place, you can:

  • Show up and be seen in a way that has your ideal clients coming to you
  • Master your message so you can share what you do with clarity and sales come easily
  • Connect to your visual identity inside and out so you’re in alignment with your brand
  • Setting the boundaries that mean you can experience the balance and freedom you crave
  • Engage and connect consistently with your community to make the money you desire

Ready to stand out and get noticed so your fears never stop you again?

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