Are you ready for 2017?

2016 has rushed by so quickly that you may be feeling as though you need January just to catch your breath? Is the thought of that planning you were going to get done, for all those projects now being pushed down to the bottom of the list? Or what list I hear you say?...

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How to cultivate more self-love without feeling arrogant?

If someone had told me to go and “love myself more” a couple of years back, I would have given them a very strange sideward look, and a cheeky smile, with a “yeah right”! But in hindsight, if only I had known better! Having self-love is so important, if you don’t love...

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Does the word “Luxury” feel like high maintenance?

I have many stories around feeling deserving of luxury, but the ones that have the most impact on me, are the ones that go way back… Right back to making that decision with what dress I should wear to my school dance, and to the clothes I had my eye on as soon as...

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Are You Under Valuing Yourself?

I really thought that I was prioritizing myself and practicing self-care. I felt confident I was moving forward and felt gratitude for everything I had in my life. Why would I then question whether I was “Under valuing myself”? To understand my dilemma, I needed to...

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How your home affects your mood

Your home isn’t just the place where you sleep and store your stuff – your home is an extension of who you are and what you stand for. And just as you influence it, it influences you. Most of us recognise this intrinsically when it comes to other people’s spaces – you...

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How I stay organised

When you run your own business, you’ve got to be pretty damn organised. There are client projects to track, suppliers to schedule, products to purchase, and invoices to send. Not to mention a husband, son and two dogs to keep in line at home! (I’m kidding! Sort of…!)....

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7 simple things to do every day to be happy

I’m an interior designer, but my business isn’t about creating beautiful spaces. Well, I should clarify that: it’s not just about creating beautiful spaces. My work is actually about creating spaces that feel awesome for you to live in, while also looking gorgeous. To...

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