4 Steps to creating a

– Home Design Style that is YOU! –

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Understanding your “UNIQUE STYLE” 
CREATING A HOME that supports your lifestyle choices is an important part of living an EMPOWERED LIFE!
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Create your soul inspired home design style!

Welcome to a 4-week journey that will walk you through, step-by-step, processes that will allow you to become clear on creating, and implementing, your authentic design style.

  • Gain a proper understanding of your own style — which is essential to creating a space that is a true reflection of you.

  • Ignite your creativity via some guided soul searching.

  • Determine what, within you, can be turned into a style – your signature style.

  • Stop feeling afraid of making the wrong décor decisions for your home…or conflicted about what style to focus on.

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  • Create Your Beautiful Home 

    This is a 12 week journey that will guide you through the stages of creating a solid DESIGN CONCEPT that you can implement on your own.

    We cover the entire conceptual design process – from the initial inspiration, right through to being able to create your own Design Board.

    This is for you if…

    Looking for the design know how around transforming your home.

    You’ve been longing to makeover your home but don’t know where to start.

    You’re fascinated by interior design and decorating, but aren’t confident in your abilities and often feel conflicted when it comes to making decisions

    You know your interiors aren’t quite right, but you’re struggling to visualise how things could be different.

    You’re tired of watching home reno shows and wishing you could replicate the results for yourself.

    You’re on a budget, and want to make the most of your money by doing things right the first time.

    You want to be able to liaise with design professionals and trades and get the most out of your working relationships.

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Creating Abundance with Feng Shui

  • Understand the basics of Feng Shui so that you can increase and improve the energy flow in your home.

  • Learn some easy-to-implement Feng Shui strategies to optimise and harmonise your living and working environment.

  • Look at ways you can use your spaces to incorporate Feng Shui to release any energy drainers and abundance impeders.

  • Explore how Feng Shui in the bedroom can bring new and noticeable harmony to your life.

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