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Hi, I’m Julia!

A designer and Stylist of 30+years. First clothes and product design, then homes and brand design.

For the past 30 years, Julia has immersed herself in the Design and styling world, first clothes and product design, then homes and brand design. Julia’s design training began with fashion and designing ranges that included labels such as Pierre Cardin, Patrick Ewing, and the New York Knicks, where her focus was predominantly on clothing design, brand creation, and marketing collateral.

Julia later transitioned into working as an interior designer, opening her own business. After an international move to Australia, she immersed herself into the world of study, furthering her knowledge with colour and design. A change in pace led to a position within an interior design college, managing the interior design department and the development of their new online interior design courses.

Missing the freedom and independence she had as a business owner, she took the leap to start something of her own. Everything she had been working on has prepared her for the business she now loves. Her depth of understanding of the interiors and property sectors has made the decision to niche an easy one. 



The result of my brand design was so much more than I could have imagined. I am so thrilled with the outcome.


Her eye for style and detail makes any brand owner reach their dream clients with the heart and soul.


Julia is able to design evocative logos, colour palettes and styles that highlight the feeling of a brand. Her work speaks for itself; timeless branding and design.