You’re ready to elevate your influence with a “Standout Brand” that has more “Style, Soul and Meaning”, so you can communicate with more ease, flow, consistency and be profitable!


I support BOLD HEARTED BUSINESS OWNERS to elevate their influence with a standout brand that communicates their brands essence with more meaning, soul and style, so they can create impact, consistency, and flow at every level and be profitable.


Brand Identity
Signature Style 


1:1 Brand Strategy
Mindset Coaching



IN-VOGUE / but rather how can we give our clients what they NEED

MATERIALISTIC / but value AUTHENTIC connections that inspire new thoughts and ideas

Why we are different

My in depth approach to achieving brand clarity is key followed by a process of extracting exactly what your brand is, what it stands for and what you want to be known for! It should be as intentional as a beautifully designed interior space. 



“Award winning design + Style + Strategy + Mindset “

“Designers are people who think with their hearts.” Design done thoughtfully can be used successfully as a visual pull that draws people in. It is a skill that we all have within us and have the ability to master.  I also believe designers are CHANGERS, not for the sake of it, but because they can see what is emotionally missing and this is more often than not SOUL and MEANING; many businesses have lost sight of their soul or do not recognise their fundamental purpose. They communicate sameness because they have forgotten who they are and why this should be relevant to their customers and people.

I highly recommend Julia for transforming your business rapidly.

“ I feel more aligned, more on purpose, clearer and motivated to step up and out and bring my services to the world than ever before”

Lina Carvajal

I am SO grateful

“ that I am speaking to you on a fortnightly basis to tell you where I’m going and how you helped me see more clearly that I can deliver the message of Business Coaching + Emotional Wellbeing”

Heba El-Hakim

Committed, Passionate, Fearless .....

“It’s been SUCH a pleasure to work with you lovely Julia. Your commitment to excellence, your hard work and your resilience have been seriously inspiring.” The Elevate Program 2019″

Fiona Humberstone “The Brand Stylist”

When you manifest coaching...

“with the beautiful Julia Cartwright and your juices are flowing after the first session and you realise you need to up your social media game ”

Melissa Zamitt

I love how understood I felt by Julia

“right away I could feel her warmth and passion for what she does. I felt like she was the most supportive teammate right away.”

Hayley Robertson

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