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Brand Audit

Turn things around and grow your bottom line.

Does your brand need a health check?

An “Intentional brand” will enable you to charge your worth, give your brand credibility, lead to customer loyalty, referrals, saving you time and money in the long run.

The first step with deciding what you need when it comes to either “Refreshing” your existing brand or “Rebranding” is to do a “brand audit” of your current brand.

A brand audit health check is a comprehensive review of your brand designed specifically to your particular requirements. We will look at your brand’s strengths and weaknesses, business objectives, timelines and resources so that you’re more empowered to make informed choices to build your brand, innovate and grow your profits.

Ultimately it is about helping you turn things around and grow your bottom line.

What is Included?

Initial questionnaire

60min consultation via Zoom or in-person

Follow up a customised plan for you.