Create a powerful Business + Brand

Let me help you unpack your authentic brands essence, so you can move forward with clarity, excitement, purpose, and be profitable!

Your brand is a reflection of you! You are your brand!

You have to get clarity first with who you are, and what you stand for, before creating a visual brand. Your website designer, or graphic designer will not give you this clarity! You need to get clear first on YOU and what YOUR UNIQUE STYLE LOOKS AND FEELS LIKE!

Unpacking your personal brands essence is the most effective way you can connect with your ideal clients. Once you know how to communicate what you stand for, your brands energy will be magnetic!

You will finally be able to:

Align who you are with your mission and purpose!
Have a compelling message that makes a difference in the world!
Celebrate your clarity with knowing what your unique brand style looks and feels like.

Be ready to fly as your stand out visual identity will give you the confidence to communicate with intention!

Your compelling brand message alone is not going to win hearts if you want to be noticed. Your customers will be buying from their hearts and not their heads. So the quicker you are able to get clarity with what you stand for and the compelling emotions you want to depict visually in your brand, the better!

This is for!

Creative or Life Style Business owners who have started a business with a big vision and a mission to make a difference in the world.

Not only are you amazing at what you do, but your ambition and energy is unstoppable.

You have been so focused on serving your clients, that you haven’t had a chance to translate your vision creatively. 

You now realise it is time to get support if you are to maintain your momentum and continue to be profitable, as you can see that the business and entrepreneurial landscape is changing.


12 Week Coaching Program includes

Complete Brand Identity Questionnaire to uncover your goals for our time together and begin to dive into the heart and soul of your brand Introduction

In your first 90min session you will hit the ground running, setting your intentions for our time together and finishing with a roadmap overview to follow over the 12 weeks.

The first step to creating your personal brand is to organize your thoughts and create your personal brand VISION that is aligned with your business success and your personal lifestyle dreams.

After this we will have another 5×60 minute Skype or phone sessions, fortnightly over 12 weeks.

Email support between sessions to support you with your progress.

Worksheets, resources and design tools.

I will be your Brand Consultant, Coach and Design Expert.

So if you are ready to!

Share your truth, your message & your story with a wider audience so you not only stand out from the crowds, but are finally able to position yourself as the expert you are! Then let me help you create a strong visual identity that will inspire connection, truth and self-expression. You can book a time to see how I can support you.

Don’t just take my word for it. Here’s what my clients are saying…

I love how understood I felt by Julia. right away I could feel her warmth and passion for what she does. I felt like she was the most supportive team mate right away. Julia is not only knowledgeable about what she does, but she truly cares about helping people thrive and become their best. Hayley Robertson Coach

How can I begin to even relate the good things about you. You embody “branding with heart” and I am SO grateful that I am speaking to you on a fortnightly basis to tell you where I’m going and how you helped me see more clearly that I can deliver the message of Business Coaching + Emotional Wellbeing/Mastery AND Essential Oils in my own unique way and people will LOVE it. Thank you thank you thank you for helping with getting more clear about my ideal niche market. It means I can deliver business coaching while still creating online courses on the passion topics too (2 clients at the high-end level packages came to me once I crystallised my message to women entrepreneurs and right after releasing my emotions life traps beta course too). Heba El-Hakim

When you manifest coaching with the beautiful Julia Cartwright and your juices are flowing after the first session and you realise you need to up your social media game , you find the perfect background that reflects the vision of your brand. Melissa Zamitt

Julia had a very gentle yet powerful way of working with me that allowed me to explore and grow safely into the version of myself I truly want to be. I feel more aligned, more on purpose, clearer and motivated to step up and out and bring my services to the world than ever before. I highly recommend Julia for transforming your business rapidly. She will help you to create a more distinctive and aligned brand with who you are, become visible and communicate your business message with confidence and passion!! Julia, you have a natural way of inviting me on a journey of transformation. I felt safe and supported. You have a great presence, and your kind intention of help was felt the whole time that we had the opportunity to connect. I love the structure for each session, and it felt that you were well organised and professional. You listened with respect and offered a great paraphrasing which gave me the opportunity to reflect on my own thoughts to create awareness and grow. I appreciate all the resources that you shared with me and I found it generous of you. Lina Carvajal