2016 has rushed by so quickly that you may be feeling as though you need January just to catch your breath? Is the thought of that planning you were going to get done, for all those projects now being pushed down to the bottom of the list?

Or what list I hear you say?

Is this yet another seemingly failed attempt at achieving that visual glimpse of all those amazing aspirations you wanted to achieve this coming year?

I GET IT! You’re feeling frustrated, and 2017 has only just started!

The busyness of our lifestyles is just what takes over, and if we don’t sit still long enough to think about our dreams and goals for the year, the result will be that we end up in the same place we finished off a year before.

BUT then on the other hand life deals us some unplanned events that we are just not prepared for and this is not only stressful, but forces us to face all sorts of new fears.

An example is a major transition in your life! Perhaps your last-born child is about to finish school and head off to university? This awakens all sorts of insecurities that we are sometimes not prepared for. So, the need to have a clearer vision for ourselves becomes all important. I experienced this a year ago, and I never gave it the focus it deserved. My life changed in so many ways, when suddenly my son was all grown up and wanting his freedom. The house during the days was so quiet and I went through patches with feeling alone.

I wasn’t prepared for 2016! Even though I went through all the rituals of purchasing my beautiful business and personal planners and spent time reflecting, and in turn creating what I thought was a plan. In all honesty, I struggled to get clear with my vision for what I wanted. I was introducing changes into my business, but I couldn’t see the bigger picture. The result was I started 2016 slower than I had planned.

This time around I was going to change it up. I knew there were some stumbling blocks which had contributed to me not following through with my planning, and looking back now I see it had a lot to do with my mindset.

To sum it up, these are areas I felt I needed to work on:
  1. To stop playing small and step into my full potential
  2. Uncover what it was that I truly desired for myself
  3. Actions that I needed to take on to move me closer to my vision
  4. To step into being the best version of myself
  5. To look at what was holding me back. To face my fears

These 5 Steps have been instrumental in changing my mindset, and if you would like to read more, I have created an E-book with some actionable steps that will help you make 2017 an amazing year. You can download the E-Book here.

The 5-Steps eBook provides a unique challenge for creative, inspired women who are living a life that is not reflective of who they are, and are ready to re-invent themselves, but are not sure of the first step they need to take, perhaps you can identify with the following:

  • Spinning your wheels in confusion with what to focus on first
  • Unsure of the depth and potency of who you could become
  • Struggling to visualise your big and beautiful goals as you have played small for too long
  • Not being as productive as you could be or would like to be
  • Unclear with what your desires feel and look like
  • Holding onto your crappy past story
  • Feeling uninspired and somewhat lonely
  • Getting sick frequently, and using this as an excuse
  • Wasting too much time and focusing on the wrong things
  • Feeling the frustration and succumbing to self-sabotaging behaviors (Such as the odd glass of wine or TWO every night)
  • Living in a home that doesn’t reflect who you are
  • Struggling to move past fear into joy, love & expression
  • Feeling as if you have settled for less for too long now and are ready to change!

You don’t have a clear authentic vision for where you are headed. As simple as it sounds having a clear strategy that diffuses the endless streams of ideas in your head is invaluable to moving forwards. You are living in your head, struggling with which area of your life to make a priority.

You believe you need time out! – A HOLIDAY on your own?

BUT trust me when I say as much as having a good holiday will make you look less stressed, those endless thoughts and questions are just going to compound themselves, and you are going to question, why those holidays you are taking are not providing the desired results any more.

Are you blaming the kids, the hubby or your pets for your “short fuse”, excess weight gain and tiredness? You know you have so much to offer, and you have read so many books on motivation, goal planning, mindfulness etc. etc.…

BUT the momentum and personal success you crave for yourself seems to be lost on your childhood dreams or has lost traction! You are talking yourself into a negative spiral, and feeling as though you are running out of time. You so want to get clarity with your vision, create clear actionable strategies that will provide more freedom for yourself. Toss those feelings of entrapment around money? and finally celebrate being a confident, empowered woman?


This sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? And I am going to be real and say it doesn’t just happen by completing my 5 steps. The 5 steps will certainly get you thinking about what is not working for you, and in some cases this may be all you need. You may need to reach out for support, in the way of a mentor or a coach. This is invaluable to helping you with staying on track.

I would love to hear how this has helped any of you, and if you would like my help in any way I am available for a FREE no obligation 30-minute consult, but this is via an application process. You can e-mail me at Hello@Juliacartwright.com or you can read more at https://juliacartwright.com/coaching-rise.