My why has taken me forever to uncover! I have kept it locked away in a box for a long time! But it wasn’t until recently, that I realised why. I needed to learn the lessons before I could share my story! Well I am ready, and I need to share the story that has shaped me in my business. This is the story behind my “Why”.

17 years ago, an event became a major turning point for me in my life. Looking back, it seems like yesterday.

Whilst still living in South Africa, my husband and I, had hit a rough patch in our marriage and it resulted in a major turning point for how I viewed myself and what I wanted for my future. It left me doubting every belief I had held onto. I was being challenged in every way with my sense of security, my sense of self, and I realised I needed help.

Unfortunately, the help I was pointed to, took me into a situation where looking back now, I see how I became a survivor of the most hellish week in my life. I don’t like the word survivor, but for want of a better word, it paints a picture.

It lasted a week where I was held captive by a man who subjected me to intense physical and sexual abuse. A sociopathic manipulator who thought he could break me and keep me in a continual state of fear. Without going into too many of the details with the lead up and the getaway, it was an event that shaped my life and showed me that if I wanted something bad enough, it was possible.

He had shown me what he was capable of and I knew I had to play along if wanted to survive. From being held at knife point, to being denied food for the week, I realised if I did not step into the power I had within me, he would control the outcome. It was this enormous strength that existed inside of me, that showed me the intense desire I had to never doubt my ability to be the person I wanted to be.

Looking back with how I landed up in that situation, I see now how I was holding onto so many deep-seated fears and limiting beliefs about myself, and it was these mindset shifts that needed to move for me to be able to get the clarity with who I was and what I wanted in my life. It has not been an easy path, but it has been a path I needed to take, and one I have committed to over the past few years.

It isn’t that we don’t have support. It isn’t because of a lack of strategy or systems, it is because we have underlying fears that we’re not sure how to address. It’s not a fear of business. It’s not a fear of failure, fear of success. It’s a much more deceptive fear that is right at the hearts of something deeper.

I had been too focused on what I lacked as a person, and it was this vulnerability that drew this situation into my life. It wasn’t a lack of control. It was a lack of self-confidence, definitely a lack of self-love, self-worth, self-belief, but to me the most detrimental was a lack of self-assurance. There is a true power that exists in all of us, this experience showed me this, but I didn’t want to be a victim, so I spent years studying growth and development, and it is now this untold experience that I want to bring forward in the hope I can empower others on their own journey.

It is the deeper mindset shifts that need to be moved if you are to get the powerful results and changes you desire.

It is so important to first eradicate any underlying negative beliefs or fears you may be holding onto, because it is these fears that are going to keep you feeling stuck. The resistance you may be feeling around actions that seem scary, these are the “secret signs” you need to acknowledge and act on, if you are to move forward and make progress.

Which brings me to my undeniable reason with why I am in business and the difference I want to make with women who may be going through something similar.

I am so committed to helping women break through their fears, trust in their ability, and believe that it is absolutely possible, to create a sustainable business where they become the face of their business.

Having a Business where you are your brand! The good, the bad, and the OMG. The people that need you, need to hear your story.

So, if you are asking yourself. Why am I in business? What do I want for myself, my family and my clients?

Think about the spark that ignited your decision to start a business. What will keep it burning?

Be True to Yourself and The Future You Want. Your beliefs or principles are equally important.

Your beliefs about business will have a much greater impact on your success.

If you KNOW you are stuck somewhere, I really want to help you hit your goals, that is my specialty and passion.

Get on my calendar here, let’s make some major shifts happen:).