Elevate Your Influence

your soul standout brand




90 Days from Playing small to creating a powerful brand that connects with your ideal audience.

Who knew it would be like this? You’re a bold hearted trailblazer, running to hit the targets you’ve set yourself, putting all the systems in place but if you’re honest there’s still something missing with how you position your business with power and passion.



You’re getting ready to launch your business or maybe you’ve already jumped ahead and made a few sales with family and friends. 


You’re exhausted, all these late nights and endless hours trying to build your brand by patching together all the free downloads and cheap programs you can find is slowly driving you crazy.

You are starting to freak out, doubting yourself and your ability to connect with the hearts and minds of your dream clients and make the impact you genuinely believe you can.

You’ve reached a point and know that something has to change, but you feel stuck with the right steps and the proper support that will make all the difference so you can move forward with clarity and power.

The longer you wait, the more it’s impacting your ability to connect with your dream clients professionally and help them transform their lives.

And it’s costing you your sanity, your time with loved ones and your spark! 

Hello to 90 Days to “Elevate Your Influence” – Clarity with your “Brand” that communicates at a “Heart and Soul level”.




Feeling overwhelmed, and that it’s all too hard to be supported by someone who is genuinely invested in your success and creating a custom brand as unique as you are.

You are getting distracted with shiny objects that promise amazing results but leave your business full of cracks, to being confident that your business is, stable and set to scale.

Feeling frustrated and lacking clarity on creating your “brand and content strategy” to embracing a vision so significant for your business, you can confidently share it with the world.

Feeling all over the place with your message to consistently showing up and connecting with your soul clients on a frequency that just makes them go ‘heck yes!’.

Feeling like a hobbyist and a fraud to finally owning your worth and stepping into your power so you can help transform your clients lives with heart and feeling.

Feeling stuck to creating clarity to present a business that’s aligned with your vision.


Elevate Your Influence

Work directly with me so I can support you as you take your brand to the next level!

  •  Access to resources and templates to support your growth.
  • Messenger support (should you have any questions between sessions).
  • 10Hrs Private coaching over 12 weeks.

 Kind Words

I love how understood I felt by Julia. Right away, I could feel her warmth and passion for what she does. I felt like she was the most supportive teammate right away. Julia is not only knowledgeable about what she does, but she truly cares about helping people thrive and become their best.

Hayley Robertson


Julia has a very gentle yet powerful way of working with me that allowed me to explore safely and to grow the version of myself I truly want to be. I feel more aligned, more on purpose, clearer and motivated to step up and out and bring my services to the world than ever before. I highly recommend Julia for transforming your business rapidly. She will help you to create a more distinctive brand aligned with who you are, become visible and communicate your business message with confidence and passion!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Lina Carvajal 


Julia Cartwright how can I begin to even relate the good things about you. You embody “branding with heart”, and I am SO grateful that I am speaking to you on a fortnightly basis to tell you where I’m going and how you helped me see more clearly with how I can deliver the message of Business Coaching + Emotional Wellbeing/Mastery.

Heba El-Hakim


Julia Cartwright your brand training helped so much. I went from a “hobby like mess” to “Confident Business Owner”.  It is only the beginning of my business journey. Within a short period, I had my blog theme, colour scheme and image layout all smoothed out and ready to implement.

Ally Slater


Julia, What GOLD you had in your presentation. Thank you so much. Can’t wait to discuss.

Gina Mitchell


No GIF, but just wanted to say thanks! There’s some absolute GOLD in your masterclass. I am looking forward to discussing it at our next meeting. Thank

Ally Nitschke 


Julia Cartwright – you are so poised but if there was a GIF for super elegant BADASS ROCKSTAR – you are it. I loved your classes, listened to it twice.

Melissa Ashton



Customised to your needs! 


Before we get started.

Prompts to get all your information down into one place. It’s all the information you know you need to make sense of, plus things you never even considered, including a brand clarity checklist.


Let’s begin by looking at where you’re headed. 

When you know what sort of business you want to be running, focusing on those elements that will support you in your quest and filtering out those that will hold you back becomes a gazillion times easier.


What, exactly, do you do? 

Capturing Clarity, you’re going to be able to come up with a statement that sums up what you do, who you work with and the impact that’ll have on them.

Products & Services

Reviewing your offerings

Now is your opportunity to have a good think about all of these and only move forward with those products and services that really set you alight.

Your Clients

Connect with the people who light you up.

Understand why getting to know your customers’ irrational fears and deepest desires is vital for a compassionate, connected and profitable business.


What sets you apart?

How can you intentionally position yourself, your messaging and your pricing in the marketplace?

Your Story

Create meaning, desire and memory.

A great brand story will enchant, captivate and add value to your offering. 

It’ll add to the client experience and it can create incredible social content.

But telling your brand story has to be done well.  It needs to be unique, relevant and captivating.


Create a roadmap with how to move forward.

Take action and map out the steps that are needed to get your offer out into the world by taking it from the pre-production stage to production.

Are you ready to create a powerful brand that connects with your ideal audience? 

IF YOU Are you ready to create a powerful brand that connects with your ideal audience then I invite you to apply?