Julia Cartwright

Brand Designer and Coach

I love working with bold hearted visionary business owners from the Creative, health, wellness and lifestyle sectors who want a standout intentional brand that connects with more meaning, soul and style so they can make an impact and be profitable. I am committed and passionate to getting you out there in a more magnificent way than you could ever imagine! 

The essence of my brand is to help you TO BE SEEN and TO BE HEARD, with more passion, style, creativity, and beauty.

I want to inspire Connection and I want you to feel understood.

Branding done well has the ability to set your business apart.

The fun for me and why I do what I do, is seeing your excitement at finally realising your vision and the impact you can make.

“Creating a brand experience should be as intentional as a beautifully designed interior space.”


For the past 30 years Julia has immersed herself in the Design and styling world, first clothes and product design, then homes and brand design. Julia’s design training began with fashion and designing ranges, that included labels such as Pierre Cardin, Patrick Ewing and the New York Knicks where her focus was predominantly on clothing design, brand creation and the marketing collateral.

Julia later transitioned into working as an interior designer, opening her own business in South Africa, but later after an international move to Australia immersed herself into the world of study furthering her knowledge with colour and interior design. A change in pace led to a position within an interior design college, managing the interior design department and the development of their new online interior design courses.

Missing the freedom and independence she had as a business owner she took the leap to start something of her own. The work she had done with creating an on-line course ignited her desire to have a business that she could one-day take online. But circumstances pointed her in a different direction and Julia started a property styling business. Whilst working as a stylist Julia still wanting the online business, immersed herself into learning all she could, about the on-line world from writing “The designer home décor program” and “Your savvy style Blueprint” e-courses to creating sales funnels, building websites and even qualifying as a life coach. Forward a couple of years, and through absolute sheer determination, Julia knew the Brand design world was where she was meant to be.

Everything she had been working on had prepared her for the business she now loves. Her depth of understanding of the interiors and fashion sectors has made the decision to niche an easy one. She now helps Bold hearted Business owners to up-level their influence and create an intentional brand that has more meaning, soul and style.